RM4210/RM4250 and RM4211/RM4251 Installation

The procedures in this section explain how to install the RM4210/RM4250 and RM4211/RM4251. These units units are fully-integrated units and are typically installed on top of an existing, seasoned coupon test station (3" diameter). All components, including the antenna, are internal. This design makes it easier to transport, install, and maintain.

The units can also be mounted on a bracket for installations near rectifiers or bonds. Refer to Mount on a Metal Pole or Pipe for instructions on how to install the units using the bracket.

For alternate mounting hardware and accessories, contact the American Innovations sales team at sales@aiworldwide.com.

Refer to Technical Specifications for details on the input ratings, accessories, and part numbers. Also refer to Pre-installation Requirements before beginning the installation process.

If the RM4210/RM4250 and RM4211/RM4251 are used in a manner not specified by American Innovations, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.

This section includes the following topics: