Locate a Specific Survey Site

Survey sites are shown in the order in which they are received from PCS. You can also set the order from the Sort window (refer to Sort Survey Sites).

You can locate specific survey records in Periodic Survey module by using any of the following methods:

  • Scroll through the Site List — The Site List window shows all sites available in the current file. From the Site List window, scroll up or down in the list as needed to find the survey record you want to view. Tap the record to display it.

  • Move forward or backward through the list — use the < Previous and > Next buttons at the bottom of the Site List window to move forward or backward through the list.

  • Find a record based on values in certain fields — refer to Filter Survey Sites for more information.

  • Use the Site Map to find a site on a map — refer to View the Site Map for more information.

  • Use an RFID pen to jump to a record — If you have RFID tags assigned to specific sites, you can use an RFID pen to jump to the survey record for the site. Press the RFID pen's scan button while touching the pen's touch tip to the RFID tag. If the RFID tag is already assigned to a site in your survey, the survey record associated with that site will display.

    If you are using an iOS device, you must tap the button located at the top of the site list window before scanning an RFID tag with an RFID pen.