Digital Voltmeter (DVM)

The DVM module measures voltage as a fully functional digital voltmeter (DVM) and as an integrated DVM to complement the following modules:

  • Periodic Survey (annual/periodic survey)

  • CI Survey (close interval)

When you first install the CartoPac Cathodic Protection app, the Allegro AX will not automatically connect to the DVM1110. You must manually connect to the DVM. Refer to Connect DVM1110 to Allegro AX for more information.

The DVM2130 must be connected via Bluetooth or USB-C cable to the Mesa 3. Refer to Connect the DVM2130 to the Mesa 3 for more information.

Also refer to Interrupted On/Off Settings for more information about the settings used for interrupted surveys.

You can view measurements either in the main window of the DVM module or as a waveform graph. Optional settings are available for measuring current interrupter on/off potentials and operating in GPS Sync mode when using GPS-synchronized current interrupters.

To open the DVM module, tap DVM from the CartoPacCathodic Protection app home window.

CartoPac CP App Home Window

CartoPac Cathodic Protection App Home Window

The main DVM window displays.

DVM Main Window

DVM Main Window

Refer to the following topics for more information about using the DVM: