RM4210/RM4250 and RM4211/RM4251 Configuration

Unit configuration can be done using Bullhorn Tools, which is available in a software version or a mobile app. Before beginning the configuration process, determine which version of Bullhorn Tools you will need to configure your unit:

  • RM4210 units can be configured with either version of Bullhorn Tools.

  • RM4211, RM4251, and RM4250 units can only be configured with the mobile app.

To save time in the field, ensure that the latest version of Bullhorn Tools has been loaded onto the device you will use to configure the unit. The software version of Bullhorn Tools can be downloaded from Support Software and Files. The Bullhorn Tools Mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and can be used on a smartphone or tablet running iOS 11 or later or Android 7 or later.

For complete instructions on using the Bullhorn Tools Mobile app to configure RM4210, RM4250, RM4211, or RM4251 units, refer to the Bullhorn Tools Mobile User Guide.

After configuring your unit, unit information and settings can be accessed through your Bullhorn Web account.