Connect the DVM2130 to the Mesa 3

The DVM2130 is connected to the Mesa 3 using a Bluetooth connection or with a USB-C to USB cable.

Connecting to the Mesa 3 with a USB-C to USB cable should only be used to charge the DVM and update its firmware.

Complete the following steps to connect the DVM2130 to the Mesa 3 using Bluetooth:

  1. Ensure that the DVM2130 is fully charged. Refer to DVM2130 for more information about the light indicators.

  2. Ensure that the Mesa 3 has Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth settings are found in the device Settings.

    Do not use the built-in Android Bluetooth connection dialogue to connect a DVM to a Mesa tablet. If the DVM has been connected using the Android Bluetooth menu, it may be necessary to disconnect the DVM by following the steps at Forget a DVM from Android Bluetooth Menu.

  3. Open the PCSField Data Collector app and tap DVM from the home window.

    CartoPac Cathodic Protection Home Window

    PCS Field Data Collector Home Window

  4. Tap Connect in the connections window. If more than one DVM displays, be sure to select the one you are using.

    If the DVM does not show in this window, you can "pull down" the window to refresh it.

    DVM Connect Window

    DVM Connect Window


DVM2130 Connected with USB-C Cable

Refer to Digital Voltmeter (DVM) for more information on setting up the DVM and graph.