SRM100 Soil pH and Resistivity Meter

The MicroMax SRM100 Soil pH and Resistivity Meters are portable, weather-resistant (NEMA 4), hand held instruments for measuring the pH and resistivity of soil. Soil pH and resistivity measurements are digitally processed and displayed on the meter's numeric LCD display. Soil pH measurements are shown in standard pH units, while resistivity measurements are shown in ohm-cm. SRM100 and SRM100A meters incorporate both the measurement of soil pH and soil resistivity from sensors in one convenient and rugged probe.

For soil resistivity measurements, SRM100 and SRM100A meters generate a bipolar square wave at a frequency that is non-harmonic with 60 Hz (97 Hz). This voltage is sensed through a calibrated geometric gap in the tip of the connected probe and is then converted directly to ohm-cm units on the display. The soil pH is measured by the chemical reaction between two elements to provide a voltage proportional to pH. This voltage is conditioned and converted to pH units on the display.